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National Youth Sports - Northwest and West Valley Arizona Leagues

NYS Refund and Rollover Policy

To better serve our members and participants, National Youth Sports - Northwest and West Valley Leagues has set the following guidelines on refunds for youth sports programs.  In addition, we also know there are circumstances that may pop up, so we always keep our registration open for two seasons so that if you run into any issues during your child's current registered season, then we can rollover the registration to the next one! 

Why Refund?  Just rollover your registration funds to our next upcoming season!!  We will honor individuals wanting to move their child to another sport or program, Rollovers can be requested through LisaAnn at [email protected]

Still looking for a refund?  Just read below!

 To request a refund for a sports program, communication must be done in writing 30 days prior to first game to our Owner, Shawn Connors at [email protected]  A decision will be made as to whether to move forward with the refund and how much of the cost will be refunded.  Any requests made after the 30 day period will be considered for automatic credit/rollover.

 Unfortunately, refunds will not be assessed for programs due to the following:
Unhappy with team assignment (we will work with our customer to find a team/program closer or move player into a future season).

Weather cancellations (We will do our best to make-up any games effected by weather, we do account for one rain-out in our fees, but generally do not have to worry with the great year round weather we have in the valley!)

No coach - We strive on parent and community involvement!  We expect all parents to play a vital role with their child's team.  We have a variety of resources to assist any individual wanting or needing guidelines or coaching with our league!  We encourage any teams that may be struggling the ability to assign roles and get the team started, should contact our league director, at [email protected] to assist!

 The amount of money that is refunded is contingent on how much of the season has passed as well as the reason for
the refund. For example, a child who suffers an injury with only a short time left in the season will likely not warrant
a refund as the entire cost of the season has already been incurred. But an individual looking for a refund prior to
the season beginning is likely to get back the entire cost of the registration, less a processing fee.

 Refunds that are awarded will be returned in one of two ways and will have a $25 processing fee deducted from the total amount paid:

o Credit Card Return – If a member paid for the registration in question using a credit card, the amount will be returned
to that card’s account. We are unable to cut a check for any registration paid via a credit or debit card.
o Check – If the member paid for the registration in question using cash, our office will submit a
request to our corporate office SFC Holdings, LLC to cut a check to be mailed to the member. This process can take
up to 2-3 weeks.

 Refunds can only be requested by members listed on the child’s account. Credit Card returns will only go back on the card
originally used to pay for the program. Checks will only be sent to the address listed on the account. 

 NYS will not give refunds or prorated fees for missed practices or games due to a participant registering for a
program late.
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